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HyperRogue Gold

Overview: You are a lone adventurer in a strange, non-Euclidean world. Gather as much treasure as you can before the nasty monsters get you.

You are a lone adventurer in a strange, non-Euclidean world. Gather as much treasure as you can before the nasty monsters get you. Explore several different worlds, each with its own unique treasures, enemies, and terrain obstacles. Your quest is to find the legendary treasure, the Orbs of Yendor. Collect one of them to win! Or just ignore your quest and collect smaller treasures.

The twist is the unique, unusual geometry of the world: it is one of just few games which takes place on the hyperbolic plane. Witness a grid composed of hexagons and heptagons, straight lines which seem to be parallel, but then they diverge and never cross, triangles whose angles add up to less than 180 degrees, how extremely unlikely is it to reach the same place twice, and how the world seems to be rotated when you do return. All this matters for the gameplay. The game is inspired by the roguelike genre (although in a very minimalist way), works of M. C. Escher, and by puzzle games such as Deadly Rooms of Death.

Play HyperRogue for free, or download HyperRogue Gold for Euclidean mode, cheats, and online achievements and leaderboards (via Google Games Services). HyperRogue Gold is also updated more frequently (currently, it contains seven more lands with unique mechanics). If you want a small app, download HyperRogue Lite without music. Also play the desktop version of HyperRogue!

What's New:

9.3c: Three new lands, other improvements. 9.2i: Minor bugfix. 9.2h: New display of items and kills, should be better especially on mobiles. Improved keyboard input. Minor bugfixes. 9.2f: Animations, sound effects, and 3D mode. Keyboard input is supported now. Fixed a bug with dropping dead orbs. 3D mode has to be turned on in wall/monster display config as it is quite slow -- a modern device is required. See more on HyperRogue blog: http://zenorogue.blogspot.com/search/label/hyper

  • HyperRogue Gold
  • HyperRogue Gold
  • HyperRogue Gold
Developer Zeno Rogue Last Updated January 10, 2017
Number of Downloads 100 - 500 Current Version 9.3c
Content Rating Teen OS Version 3.2 and up
File Size None Score 4.8
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Evin Robertson

A mind bending puzzle adventure

It's fun exploring various lands in an infinite hyperbolic world. Even with the check prevention, I find it less forgiving than other rogue-likes due to the 1 HP.

Tristan Parker

Still amazing, keeps getting better

This game has roughly doubled its content since it first blew my mind more than a year ago. It's a tactical dungeon crawler that makes incredible use of its bizarre geometry to create a lot of different challenges. The world is well fleshed-out, a strange alien world that plays by its own rules and sees you as an intruder. Between the different versions (pc and android across several updates) I have played well over a hundred hours and it just keeps getting better.

Todd Mitchell

KA game

Great game to play anytime anywhere.

Christopher Bishop


Absolutely love the game. My only quibble is that the leaderboard for grimoires doesn't work, it brings up the leaderboard for holy grails instead.

A.G. Palmer

Adore this game

I could play this all day... but can't play it on my phone, because it can't be moved to the SD card :( Really love the Cthulhu zone, perhaps SD capabilities for the next update? Edit: It works, it's on my SD now! Thanks so much!

dan Bdan

very cool game

love the scary horizon :-D



I've had a blast dying horribly in HyperRogue. Well worth supporting!

Quentin Christensen

Fantastic game

Well worth a small payment to support developer, thank you for a great game!

Ed Pegg

Great noneuclian fun

I've greatly enjoyed the free versions, so I am supporting the deluxe version

bran flake

Thank You!

anton karlov

Oops. Crashes at startup.