Ovo Icon Pack

Ovo - Icon Pack v4.4.7

Ovo Icon Pack

Overview: Ovo is a circle icon pack designed with attention to detail and creativity.

Ovo is a circle icon pack designed with attention to detail and creativity. All included icons have a slight drop shadow for depth and are enclosed by a colorful border. You'll find many design tweaks to popular apps which help give your homescreen a truly unique style. The wallpapers are a mix of geometric and minimal designs and look fantastic coupled with Ovo icons.

To use Ovo on your device make sure you have a supported launcher installed, which are all listed below.


a?¢ 2,700+ Premium Icons

a?¢ 8 HD Wallpapers

a?¢ Updated every month

a?¢ Material Design App

a?¢ Multi-Launcher Support

a?¢ Icon Picker and Search within Ovo App

a?¢ Dynamic Calendar Support

a?¢ Icon Masking for Unthemed Icons

Supported Launchers

a?¢ Nova, Apex, Action, Smart, Aviate, Trebuchet, Next, Atom, KK, Solo, Lucid, Inspire, Nine, ADW, Holo, GO, TSF, Themer, Epic, LG Home, Arrow, EverythingMe, Hola, Trebuchet

a?¢ Unicon, XGELS, CM Theme Engine

Updates and Requests

I'm committed to adding new Ovo icons on a weekly basis, as well as updating existing icons to match new application branding.

Due to the high volume of icon requests I receive, I can only complete the most highly requested icons as well as icons for the most popular Android apps.

Help and Support

A supported launcher (see above) is required in order to apply Ovo icons. For the best in compatibility and customization options, I recommend Nova Launcher.

For further help applying icons and wallpapers, please refer to the apply section within the Ovo application or feel free to email me.

Connect with Stealthychief

For all the latest updates, new releases, and everything Stealthychief be sure to follow me on your favorite social network. Feel free to tag me in homescreen screenshots using my work! Thank you for your support.

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+WillWindham

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stealthychief/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Stealthychief

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Stealthychief

What's New:


  • 10 new icons
  • Activity fixes
  • Ovo Icon Pack
  • Ovo Icon Pack
  • Ovo Icon Pack
  • Ovo Icon Pack
  • Ovo Icon Pack
  • Ovo Icon Pack
Developer Stealthychief Last Updated January 11, 2017
Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000 Current Version 4.4.7
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.7
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Hector quintero

It's the best

It really goes well with my wallpaper, Everyone should use it if your wallpaper is predominantly white

Jonathan Peinado


Stealthy Chief with another great icon pack!

Lucksee Ali

Good, but..

Lovely Icon pack, however, some basic icons are missing, e.g paypal, Halifax etc.

Jamesy Marmonejo

I see a SC icon pack I click buy

By far one of your best! I love the bold design, the very concept of the icons is just awesome. It's very original, very unique, very premium looking and for the price it is worth it! good job guys! hoho I just saw you just released a new icon pack... guess time to intentionally burn some money, :P

Patrick Henson

Vibrant and full of color

Taking queues from Material Design, but keeping uniform icon sizes and Beautiful vibrant color without being obnoxious, this set nails what I need in my everyday use. Keep up the good work.

Jeff Atabelo


Been sticking with this icon pack for quite a while now because it's so good

David Harris

Missing Important Icons

Needs folder icons. It looks funny because the folders are square compared to the app icons. Would appreciate some icons for all the go launcher apps. Love the way this pack looks. High quality pictures are used and you can use a dark or light colored wallpaper, both flow with the design.

Hak Ros

Simply awesome

It's $2. Get it. Beautiful and clean. Best of all the apps are organized alphabetically!!!

Richard Cothran

I Love It!

Walt White

Very nice and clean!

Adrian Wood


Missing a few of the apps that I use regularly, but I can live with that. The best icon pack out there

Harold Epperson


These are really great looking Icons and themed every Icon I have, well done Dev!

Stephen Gunnoe


Best round icon to date!

T Aquinas

Nice the design...

I only wish that the unthemed icons were stretched to fit the mask seamlessly...no background showing - just a clean white circle framing the icon.

Gary Davisson

Beautiful stunning icons

The detail on the icons is incredible. Once you use this icon pack, you'll never want to go back to the default icons again. Buy this!!!

Ron Badilla

The best circle icon pack!.... Please also make a square version of the same icons....i will buy that too. I love the rim on these... Need square version with square rim as well.

David Hall


Love these icons...best I've ever seen...just used icon changer app...to change some of my default icons...

Sydney Williams

My new favorite icon set! Now if I could just get icons made for Karma, Atarashi, and Cytus, then I would be all set. :D

Jason Leyva

Great designs, one of my favorite developers.


5 stars as always