Car dashdroid-Car infotainment

Car dashdroid-Car infotainment v2.8.24 [Premium]

Car dashdroid-Car infotainment

Overview: Car dashdroid it's a car home dock replacement, this app makes the driving easy (you can press home button to return to main screen, check in settings)

Car Dashdroid is a car home dock replacement that makes driving easy! Inspired in Android Auto, with Whatsapp, Telegram and facebook messenger integration you can listen incoming messages and reply without touching the device, you can switch on and off with your car (using Bluetooth) and return from any app to the specially-designed Car Dashdroid homescreen with a press of the Home button while connected (see settings).
This app is very useful for drivers in Uber or lyft

Keep your eyes on the road! Youa??ll never get distracted by your mobile again, with large buttons and full voice commands ("OK Google" hotword is supported for Android 4.4+).
Best Infotaiment on the play store

With 3 main sliding panels (you can setup more) you can easily swipe between the dialer, main dashboard and custom shortcuts. Car Dashdroid's built-in Smart Dialler means you wona??t have to search for your contacts anymore; Just type the contact number or name to dial, or use the build-in Dial Action feature to dial your favorite contacts with one touch.

Set up more than 40 shortcuts for your favorites apps, contacts, and even shortcuts to custom actions like directions to a particular place, opening a specific playlist, or sending a pre-written message (like "On my way!" or "Stuck in traffic!").

Car Dashdroid has built-in music features allowing you to play your music, with a special widget that can control your favorite music players and show track details, all without exiting the app (an updated music player will be available soon).
It's simply the best Car mode you will ever use. Ita??s the perfect pair for your device and car!


  • Read out to loud SMS and reply using voice commands
  • Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook messenger ready (for read and reply)
  • Home button returns you to Car dashdroid (configurable in settings)
  • Car mode
  • iBolt
  • Icon Packs - support most popular icon packs from launcher like Nova, Go, Apex and so on
  • Group apps in folders (Like any launcher)
  • Google navigation
  • "OK Google" Voice command support (Android 4.4+)
  • Intuitive music controls for several players (tested with Spotify,Play Music, Pandora, Poweramp, and others)
  • Current Weather report
  • Speedometer (km/h and mph) (using GPS may cause battery drain after long usage)
  • Compass
  • Themes day/night based on sunrise/sunset
  • Start/stop the app on Bluetooth connection
  • Turn off wifi on start
  • Turn On bluetooth when the app starts
  • Display current location and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Full screen mode
  • Car home replacement
  • Battery widget with percent
  • Screen saver when inactive or by shortcut
  • Inspired by Android Auto
  • Manage UI Screens, change or delete the UI screens
  • Call log for easy access to your recent calls (All and missed)
  • immersive mode in full screen mode (for Android 4.4+)
  • Shortcuts
  • Smart dialer
  • Contacts (shows favorites and all contacts)
  • Voice commands without exiting the app (for navigation, finding places, or calling contacts)
  • Dial Action for calling starred contacts with one click.
    *Music Player with playlist,album browser, song browser support
  • Music Player widget to control media playback
    *Gorgeous design based on Material Design
  • Lock screen rotation (lock the orientation to landscape and portrait, as well as 3rd party apps if they support landscape)
  • Settings control widget(modify brightness, orientation, theme, full screen,bluetooth with one click in main screen)
  • Set phone multimedia sound level
  • Keep screen on, never turn off the screen again when you are driving
  • Use speaker on phone calls
  • Themes
    To close Car dashdroid use the following intent action:
    Tasker ->Add Action-> System->send Intent-> in "action" put "com.nezdroid.mycardashboard.STOP" (without quotes)

don't hesitate contact me at or join my Google+ plus community

What's New:

NEW Speed limit warning (needs internet) improved Settings UI OLD fixed purchase error,Improved tts, and UI Added set as launcher on boot Added telegram plus to read out loud/replyautomatic day/night mode working again (sorry) Improved voice command screenBugfix in ads showing in all screen :S" *Whatsapp Skype,Telegram and Facebook messenger integration (read out to loud messages and reply without touch the device) Still in beta, setup in settings->SMS and chat apps

  • Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
  • Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
  • Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
  • Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
  • Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
  • Car dashdroid-Car infotainment
Developer nez droid Last Updated November 11, 2016
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 2.8.23
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.4
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Karl Somstrom


Downloaded it, went for a drive and was so impressed I purchased it straight away. It would be great if the speedo font was a little larger and in bold to make it easier to read at a glance.

Eric Rabinowitz

I bought the app

I bought it within 2 minutes of using the free version. It does what its supposed to. However it doesnt register my hola themes which is why I bought it. If this gets fixed ill give 5 stars

Nicholas Petrik

Great for driving

I use this app on my daily commute. Compass is a little hard to see.(I'm not sure how this could be implemented better) The developer is constantly making improvements making this a well maintained app. Keep up the great work!

Jon Gruitt


The best car dashboard app I've used. Customisable, easy to use, really polished, supported by dev. Buy it.

Mike George

Pretty good so far

Got full ver. after 4 days. Would like more customization options for the homescreen (resize widgets, replace homescreen functions with others & maybe swap speedometer/mediaplayer sizes). Beyond customization, it's exactly what I was looking for since Leo DiCaprio used Inception, giving me the idea to replace my HU with my 7" Tab 3. This gave my Volvo a much needed upgrade in the stereo dept. & the throwaway GT3 a purpose for existing in the 1st place. HELLO FUTURE thy name is Android or possibly skynet.

Andy Milcoy

Nice App

Am currently evaluating various similar apps - this one has made it through to pH 2 testing

Anton Pelešev

Almost perfect for in-car head unit

I'd like to use it as main launcher but unfortunately it's not possible to set it as such.

Maniac Traveller


alternative to CHU I've been using before. Some of my favorite options are still missing (like altimeter), but developer is very responsive. Hopefully the development will continue and looking forward to see new features soon.

Dan Bonville

Great App

Easy to use while driving. No hassle set up. Best one out there in cyberland.

John Shaffer

Works great!

Gives you basic information at your fingertips.

Oliver Wong


Using the app for the past month and it makes your driving life easier.

Mike Jagla


Great app has simplified two way comms while driving

James Peers

A great app, well worth the premium. Allows you to minimise the amount of time spent looking at the screen while driving. An excellent addition to the app would be a sound notification if you exceed a certain speed.

Sathyajith Bhat

All that you need for a car dash device

It's fast, starts on Bluetooth connect, can select what apps/shortcuts/activities you want, has voice support and works really well. App's free, would recommend getting the IAP to support the dev.

Erik OShea

Car Dashboard Top Around

I use Car Dashboard as my go to app when I am driving is gives me weather updates when I need them. Also shows me how fast I go in real time which is a good feature to have. And the developer always has updates coming to give you the better features for your needs. he also backs his app which a lot of people on Google play don't do. All in all I rate it 5 Stars it's well worth the money support the developer for his work he deserves it.


Finally a dedicated home app for driving

Which perfectly switches back to Google Now homekey on Marshmallow

Mike Flowers

Cars clock is so small I can't read it. This app is a brilliant alternative. And better speedo as well!

Lindsay Eden

Clear, clean and woks!

Does as promoted. Can't ask for more. Thanks.

Lewis Charlton

Music control

Please add Deezer music control / widget

Joona Repo

This is perfect!

So many features, so clean design and customisability. This is everything I you need to be able to use your phone with your car.