Shadow Themes -Icon Pack

Shadow Themes -Icon Pack v4.0.5

Shadow Themes -Icon Pack

Overview: Shadow icons are well crafted vintage color icons with shadows. All icons will be popping out from your screen.

Shadow icons are well crafted vintage color icons with shadows. All icons will be popping out from your screen.

a?What's included?a??

a?¦2800+ ICONS
a?¦ Dynamic Calender for Nova and Apex
a?¦ Huge library of custom icons
a?¦ Cloud HD wallpapers
a?¦ Quick-action apply
a?¦ Icon Mask to theme your un-themed icons
a?¦ Icon shader to give exact same effect to un-themed icons

You can download all of my UCCW Widgets here.

a?What can I use them in?a??
a?¦ Nova Launcher
a?¦ Action Launcher Pro
a?¦ Apex Launcher
a?¦ ADW Launcher EX
a?¦ Atom Launcher
a?¦ Holo Launcher
a?¦ Smart Launcher
a?¦ Unicon (Icon Themer)
a?¦ TSF Shell
a?¦ Go Launcher EX (Icon mask has some issue)
a?¦ ADW Launcher
a?¦ Next launcher (Icon mask has some issue)
a?¦ Probably More

a?Alternative way to Apply Icon Packa??
a?¦ADW Launcher: ADW Settings > Themes > SHADOW ICONS > Apply
a?¦ Nova Launcher: Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme > SHADOW ICONS
a?¦ Action Launcher: Settings > Display > Icon pack > SHADOW ICONS
a?¦ Holo Launcher: Appearance Settings > Icon pack > SHADOW ICONS
a?¦ Apex Launcher: Apex settings > Theme settings > SHADOW ICONS > Apply
a?¦ Go Launcher EX: Themes > Installed > SHADOW ICONS> Apply


a? Regarding 'MovetoSD' availability: If the app is moved to SD Card, you risk the custom icons not loading properly because of how the system loads the SD card OR the theme not being active after a device restart.

a?Contact Usa??
For any help or query please feel free to mail me

What's New:

Best looking 3D icons on entire store. It will make your icon pop-up from home screen. 27th Updateã?Version 4.0.5ã??

  • Total 2800+ icons
  • Added 50+ new icons on request.
  • Shadow Themes -Icon Pack
  • Shadow Themes -Icon Pack
  • Shadow Themes -Icon Pack
  • Shadow Themes -Icon Pack
Developer Binod Ray Last Updated January 11, 2017
Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000 Current Version 4.0.5
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size None Score 4.3
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Sigit N. Mashary

Nice app! Good looking

Cam Crawford

Unique very sleek and extremely helpful

Love the design and the amount of icons helped me set it up step by step for the design I wanted def recommend

Andrea Gatley

Stunning icons! I've been stuck on the same icon set for a year because I couldn't find anything better, and this one just replaced it. The custom icons are gorgeous, and the un-themed icons are so close to the custom ones it's hard to tell the difference. Very impressive!

Josh Eaves

Well done

The different docks don't seem to work in Nova Launcher. I only get the couple that come stock.

Andy Jackson

Shadow App

Can't get it to work at mo...

Marc Waldthausen

Great Icons

I'm using these icons with Smart Launcher and they look great on my pages as well as in the app drawer. This pack even works great with apps that don't have an included icon.

Mike Lankford

Great add-on

Really pleased with the free version, so naturally buying this version is a great add-on to customization.

Mitchell Summerton


Beautiful and practical theme, also well priced! Couldn't go back after using this theme.

Amiksha Kumar

The LG Home support isn't fully there (the icons don't actually apply), but it works perfectly with Nova :)

Kishore K

Licence error

I am already purchased this icon pack . but still it says licence check failed. Download paperboard. Irritating . tell me what to do.

Karan Jain

Great pack

One of my favourite icon packs. I use it with Nova and no problems so far.

yola damayanti

Cant work

Cant work for my mi4i

Jacob Cherkas

Just gorgeous. Well worth the price. Tried many different icon packs but this is it for me.

George hayden

Where is my themes

I paid for my themes and have to see any change in my my phone settings

Antonnius HY

How to apply it?

Its android and im not surprise!

Larry Houghton

I can't get to work

LG G2 5.0.2

Jeremy Crumpton

Will change when it works properly with Atom Launcher.

Ramachandrudu Merupula

Good looking


Anca Masnada

Elegant Design

One of the best icon packs I've downloaded, with an amazing design. Works very well with Nova Launcher and Hola Launcher.

neale mossy

Only theme pack I've kept and used! That should speak volumes