Zoombinis v1.0.9


Overview: Play Zoombinis and guide the little blue creatures through fun and increasingly challenging puzzles on their way to a new home.

WARNING: Sorry, we're getting reports of issues on certain devices when using Android OS v6. If you've been affected please drop us a note with a description including the device & model. We'll update here when the issue has been resolved.

Description: Play Zoombinis and guide the little blue creatures through fun and increasingly challenging puzzles on their way to a new home.

Zoombinis is a re-creation of the classic, award-winning 1990a??s puzzle game Logical Journey of the Zoombinis. The small blue creatures, each with distinct personalities and appearances, are escaping imprisonment by the evil Bloats who have taken over the Zoombinis' home. Players take on the role of the guide and help the Zoombinis reach the safety of Zoombiniville.

Use logic, analyze data, spot patterns and hone problem solving skills. Players face a series of increasingly difficult challenges that stand between the Zoombinis and freedom. Twelve perilous puzzles each with 4 levels of increasing difficulty, a great story, and many fun and memorable characters make for an engaging and challenging experience.

We challenge you to get all the Zoombinis to safety!

The Puzzles

a?¢ Allergic Cliffs
a?¢ Stone Cold Caves
a?¢ Pizza Pass
a?¢ Captain Cajuna??s Ferryboat
a?¢ Titanic Tattooed Toads
a?¢ Stone Rise
a?¢ Fleens
a?¢ Hotel Dimensia
a?¢ Mudball Wall
a?¢ Liona??s Lair
a?¢ BubbleWonder Abyss
a?¢ Mirror Machine


a?¢ Beautiful new digitally painted backgrounds
a?¢ The original voices for the Narrator, Stone Guards, Pizza Trolls, Captain Cajun, and the Innkeeper
a?¢ Restored music from version 1 of the original game
a?¢ Improved celebrations and achievements

System Requirements

a?¢ Android OS 2.3.1 and up
a?¢ ARMv7 and up
a?¢ GPU support for Open GLES 2.0 recommended
a?¢ 6-7" screen recommended

Given the wide range of devices available to the public - age, operating system, features - Zoombinis will perform better on some devices rather than others. If you're not completely satisfied, take advantage of Google Play's 2-hour refund window or contact us for a full refund - please be sure to include your order number. Thanks!

What's New:

Fix for crash at end of intro movie

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Developer TERC Last Updated January 11, 2017
Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000 Current Version 1.0.9
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size None Score 4.5
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