1A Unit Converter pro

1A Unit Converter pro v1.4.1

1A Unit Converter pro

Overview: New! Clearly arranged and intuitive! With a beautiful user interface!

1A Unit Converter is a powerful and easy to use app with a clean and beautiful user interface.
This useful tool is user friendly, intuitive, customizable and feature rich and comprises the most commonly used conversions as well as some unusual categories...

With the '1A Unit Converter pro' you enjoy a completely ad-free version of the app and support the further development of this project.

The unique app contains 37 categories of units. It's the Swiss knife - a toolbox for all occasions - for daily needs, study and work:

a?¢ Basic units: length, area, volume, mass

a?¢ For everyday use: currencies, temperature, velocity, time, fuel consumption, angle, data, typography, shoe sizes (children and adults) and clothing sizes (women and men), wind (Beaufort wind force scale, Saffira??Simpson hurricane scale, Fujita tornado damage scale)

a?¢ The scientific categories: pressure, force, energy, power, acceleration, torque, frequency, electric current, voltage, density, flow rate, viscosity, concentration, illuminance, luminance, sound pressure, magnetic flux, magnetic field strength, radiation (activity, absorbed dose, exposure), numeral system and unit prefixes

Now with a calculator for the 4 basic arithmetic operations! This allows you to convert your own calculations directly into other units.

The units are labeled with the (sometimes not so well known) unit symbols and with the unit names in full (e.g. ha and hectare or bbl and barrel).

Despite the large number of categories, you orient yourself easily inside the app:
Categories can be marked as favorites and are thereafter available in the favorites view. There you will find only the categories that you really want to see.
Within a category, you can easily hide the units, you do not need.
By using a category list, a quick access to any category is possible. Furthermore categories and units may also be searched directly via text input.

When starting the app, the last used category is displayed. Within a category, the last used unit is selected.
The calculation of the results is performed simultaneously when entering the values. An annoying pressing of a "Calculate" button or switching to a different view is not necessary. You immediately see a list of all the results for all units.
A unit can be selected by pressing and holding and also by drop-down menus and tabs.
The result of a conversion can easily be copied to the clipboard and then used in other programs. By long pressing on the input field a value can be pasted from the clipboard.

The permissions "full network access" and "view network connections" are required to update the exchange rates via the internet. For all other conversions no internet access is necessary.

If you have suggestions for enhancements (i.e. new categories or units) or simply have a question, if you want to praise or criticize, send an email to contact@vollmar.berlin.

Disclaimer: No guarantees are given for the correctness of the conversions!

a?¥ We are very happy about positive ratings, comments and recommendations!

"1A" is used in colloquial German to express "very good" or "of high quality" a?º
- 1A Unit Converter pro - probably the best unit converter ! -

Languages of this app:
English, Spanish, French, German

What's New:


  • The integrated calculator now observes the order of operations
  • Small changes, bugfixes
  • More categories coming soon! v.1.4:
  • The number of favorites is now unlimited
  • Removed background image from lists (for better readability) v.1.3.5:
  • Angle: New conversion: degree / arcminute / arcsecond
  • Volume: New conversion: centiliter v.1.3.4: First French-language version v.1.3.0: New: Integration of a calculator with the 4 elementary arithmetic operations
  • 1A Unit Converter pro
  • 1A Unit Converter pro
  • 1A Unit Converter pro
  • 1A Unit Converter pro
  • 1A Unit Converter pro
  • 1A Unit Converter pro
Developer Alexander Vollmar Last Updated January 9, 2017
Number of Downloads 100 - 500 Current Version 1.4.1
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 4.0.3 and up
File Size None Score 5.0
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