DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]

DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure] v1.0.3

DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]

Overview: A little girl that lost her mother in the aquarium…

A little girl that lost her mother in the aquariuma?¦
Strange things are happening in the aquarium
The story that will be revealed from hidden messages and hints.
More variety of puzzles as well as increased difficulty
Memories' becoming increasingly more vivid as you descend into the basement
What is really the truth?
Ari, who came to the aquarium with her mother, becomes a stranded child after losing her mother. Wandering around looking for her mother, Ari faces the unexpected truth. And in that placea?¦
a?¼ Tabomsoft's 2nd horror Adventure Game
Tabomsoft, which made impressive game 'hide-and-seek' to the world, releases new game.
a?¼ Well made horror Adventure Game right from your smartphone!
You can solve the story by utilizing a variety of items and hints.
a?¼ A simple and clean interface
Although you've been felt uncomfortable with hard-working RPG games, this game will be easily enjoyable.
a?¼ More variety of puzzles as well as increased difficulty
You will feel nostalgic of older RPG games through the dot's classic styles that are incorporated within.
a?¼ The truth that unfolds each time with every descent into the aquarium
Follow your thoughts as you descend into the aquarium.

What's New:

Bug Fixed!

  • DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]
  • DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]
  • DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]
  • DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]
  • DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]
  • DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]
Developer TabomSoft Last Updated November 28, 2015
Number of Downloads 500 - 1,000 Current Version 1.0.3
Content Rating Rated for 12+ OS Version 3.1 and up
File Size 43M Score 4.5
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Ariane Kitina

Really love so much by this new game ! I prefer more this sceond masterpiece that Dorothy. Many improvement in the enigma. TabomSoft team to answer at your question, there are many errors translation pratically everywhere in the game. I don't really know how to update the english translation, except to let someone who has played the korean version and have enough talent to translate the game after in english. Sometimes the words for the tranlsation is wrong and many times the phrases are any sens in the game. That why sometimes we have difficulties to resolve the enigmas. But your game are really beautiful. Continue the good work !

John Low

Gotten this far?

Thanks for the help apple XD , you use the hammer on the crate on the one you found the blood stained tape to acquire the basement 2 key for the caged door. Thanks for your help I was able to reach basement 3 hope this help. (those who are stuck chased by the bloody footprint, lead it to the gift shop and enter the counter to outrun it.)

Apple Of destruction

Best Horror Puzzle ever.

I will make a walkthrough for this game because now I finished the game. But I have a question of story from stranger / Hide and Seek and Deep sea girl . They are just connected by charactor. Are you going to make another game ? That connected to the all of this game ? I really confused about story that make a charactor from " the stranger " out from nowhere . Can you explain this and Am I right ??? *** [ Sorry if my english is too badly ] ***

Ivee de Chavez

English Translation

The game's English translation can use some improvements. Characters' design needs modification to differentiate it more from your previous game/s.

Soul Ghoul

Must play!

I've played hide and seek, deep sea girl and stranger, and I must say, that this game is the best among these 3. It has a very unique atmosphere and interesting level design, but the most amazing thing is the music. It's an awesome choice. I love this game sooo much and I hope you'll release more games like this one :3


Wonderful, but needs work on the translation

I'm only a bit into the game... The controls seem better than the last game and so far I have zero issues. Albeit, when it comes to the text, I believe a better translation is needed. Yes, I can get the gist of what the text means, but it takes away from the immersion having to translate something that is "already translated." I heavily suggest asking Tosiaki7 or VGPerson assist in translating, as they translate games like these often and are very experienced.

Hobo Band


Its awesome so far but I can't find the password for the cafe to enter it. I went everywhere and I can't find it anywhere

Emma Gamboa

Best RPG Ever!!

I finally finished the game and I gotta say, this is your best rpg yet. I love the atmosphere the game gives off. The puzzles are challenging from the start, the story is amazing, and the art is fantastic. 10/10 would play again. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

dan g

Too hard

Took me hour to get a cookie and a toy... No clue what to do with them all I know is smiley face blob wants to kill me....

Jazzmin Vazquez

Translation errors everywhere

So far so fun, but these translation errors make an already hard game impossible. Please try to fix as soon as possible.


Great game

Such a good game. Translation is off, but it's still a 5/5 star game. I posted a game walk through on my youtube channel if you get stuck. Search shivonikorr.

Zid Feonx

Doesn't open at all on an HP7 Intel tablet.

may mcfly


I can't figure out the password to the computer cause it's in Korean? Help?

Corry Tuouo

Help too?

I got stuck there too...

Nhan Tran

Great game!

It was pretty hard but that is what made it worthwhile. Can't wait for the next Tabom game.

Aqilah Farah

I expect many good things

Sara DiNicola

It was very entertaining


I am stuck at basement 3...