Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia v1.1.5 [Mod Money]

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

Overview: Experience the incredibly beautiful and cruel world of Utopia!

Experience the incredibly beautiful and cruel world of Utopia!

Heroes of Utopia is a game of a new generation, designed in the style of a revolutionary new genre, the "RPG-clicker". Ita??s easy to learn and lets you quickly plunge into a vast world full of adventure and intrigue, dangerous enemies and various weapons, sinister plans and epic bosses! As you try to rescue Utopia, you will encounter five unique factions, learn dozens of different technologies, learn how to create weapons and possess psychic abilities. But most of all you will meet the twenty legendary heroes of Utopia, which are the only hope for saving not only your friends, but also the entire galaxy!

a?? Extensive leveling system: Gain new skills, upgrade weapons, rise to the heights of the evolution of Heroes!
a?? Based on the huge, detailed universe from "Evolution:Battle for Utopia", recognized as one of the best games of 2014 in the Google Play!
a?? Amass an invincible team! Up to 20 characters with unique fighting skills can fight by your side at the same time!
a?? Fight in the same ranks with friends and share your resources!
a?? Compete with players around the world in tournaments on a galactic scale!
a?? Independently produce ammunition for fighting the most dangerous opponents!
a?? Enjoy bright and rich cartoon style graphics!
a?? Relax, because in this game, all you need to do is tap away!

What's New:

  • New technologies â??Careeristâ? and â??Evolutionary leapâ?
  • Optimizing and stabilizing the game
  • Evolution: Heroes of Utopia
  • Evolution: Heroes of Utopia
  • Evolution: Heroes of Utopia
  • Evolution: Heroes of Utopia
  • Evolution: Heroes of Utopia
  • Evolution: Heroes of Utopia
Developer My.com B.V. Last Updated December 29, 2015
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 1.1.5
Content Rating Rated for 3+ OS Version 4.1 and up
File Size 66M Score 4.6
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Mike Hansen Kilgada

Came here from Tap Titans

Same mechanics, cool graphics and art. Like the sci-fi theme, and it has a little story to it as well. Worth the download.

Chris Fahmy

Also came from Tap Titans.

And this just feels like a huge upgrade compared to TT. Also, you can simultaneously tap with 8 fingers at once and destroy bosses significantly easier this way.

Christopher Batchelor

State tracker

The game is good, I just can't find a state track screnen. It would be very nice to be able to see all the little details about your current run

Douglas Burton

Cool game

Gets repetitive, but I like the fact that you can still collect points when not playing

Vvhisper Frost

A good addition to the franchise. Look forward to seeing how it develops. Some annoying bugs exist which I am sure they will fix. Solid effort for the new game

Timothy Blake II

Highly addictive game, right up until the point all my progress disappeared... Tech, levels everything vanished started me back from the beginning

KD gaming


Its good fun u can level up fast in one day your fingers will get tired tho but hey its fun.

Kyle Hunter

Great tap game. Not quite perfect

While I enjoy the game, it seems the offline accrual of "fuel" is a bit bugged. It seems like one out of eight times, I get nothing when I launch the app. Still has great animation and replayability, though.

Jeremy Hendricks

If you like Tap Titans...

Just started playing this and it's easy and entertaining for when ya got time to waste.

iMysTiic Gaming

Great Idle

This has to be one of the greatest Idle games I've ever played! I have played MANY Idle games for as long as I can remember! This has a great style to it! The only bad thing about this game I can think of is: You can easily beat bosses without the help of party members, but it takes a lot of Bio fuel to upgrade your tap damage so in a way, it is kind of fair...

Armando Sosa

Good tap game

One of the best tapping games, your team fights for you while your away, so when you put the phone down and come back and play you have a bunch load of money to spend. I suggest at first you upgrade your tap power but as soon as possible invest all your money on your team.

Slade Richards

Fun time Waster!

Great game to play when your bored and the game itself is really fun and simple.

Joel Coronado

Pretty good.

It's fun the power ups are good and you lVl quick. I just thought there was more to the game, like a base or create your own hereo. Or select your own heroe

Doge King


It's fun cool and funny I just like this I can play this for two hours it's just awesome I'm surprise to find this I saw this many times I didn't want it at first cause I thought it was boring now it's fun I'm glad I installed this thx for this game

Alex Alderton

Good time killer

Simple but addictive would be great if you could upgrade guns easier and get other forms of in game money easier, but apart from that great game!

John Bui

It's okay. They try to get people to spend money but making the daily boss extremely hard. Can't really take a boss with 588cc when you only do 300bb and you have to take him down in 15 seconds. Also great they took out the idle play so you don't earn currency when you're not playing.

Gon Freecs

Great and Fun Game. BUT...

As you get further into the game it takes a ridiculously long time just to down bosses. And at one point if you ever use the teleportation it will zap you back to the beginning of the game. You lose everything you built up just for a few discs that you redeem for slight power ups. Totally not worth it especially if you spent money for npc allies. Ironically this game description tells of the inevitable need to use the teleportation device. This only encourages people to NOT spend any money in this game.

Zack ward


Super fun to past time my girlfriends hates me right now cool concept that your team gains points even when your not playing simple fun

J Buncome

Tap Tap

Love the game, the fact that i can still make cash without playing is cool. Finally a game that doesn't make me have to spend all my cash to play. I will spend on certain items eventually. keep it up.

Daniel Paul

Lost all progress after lockup!!!

Was enjoying myself. Teleported back to the start 3 or 4 times. Had anomalies up to lvl 2. Machine gun up to lvl 3. Was back up to sector 64ish when a game freeze COMPLETELY reset my game. Lost everything. Lucky I hadn't put money into the game yet. Now I know better. Tried reinstalling/relogging in on FB. Nope. Tried to leave a ticket with support but that seemed like a joke. Can't "view ticket" like you are supposed to be able to. I will change my rating if you fix it. Consider this strike one!