Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run

Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run v1.0

Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run

Overview: A tactical turn based strategy game where you will command either the Union or Confederate armies during the first year of the American Civil War.

A tactical turn based strategy game where you will command either the Union or Confederate armies during the first year of the American Civil War.

You will storm the mountain passes of West Virginia, make amphibious assaults along the Potomac River and fight pitched battles across a 19th century North America. Similar in style to Advance Wars or Panzer General, Pixel Soldiers is a game for wargamers and casual gamers alike.

This game is set almost 50 years in the future from the previous Pixel Soldiers game (Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo).

*Command your armies with ease.

*Difficult to master in-depth strategy.

*Play against an intelligent AI opponent or another player on the same device.

*Morale system: Units that take casualties may go into disorder or break and run depending on their morale.

*Includes Union and Confederate campaigns, with historical scenarios leading up to the Battle of First Manassas (Bull Run).

*Many different types of units and weapons, complete with individual uniforms.

*Command gunboats and troop ships along the Potomac River.

Use the terrain to your advantage: Keep vulnerable units behind ridges or hide them in the trees. Protect vital mountain passes and river crossings.

Use your artillery for long range fire support or risk placing them near the enemy to use murderous canister shot. Pixel Soldiers Bull Run now has rifled and smoothbore cannon.

Place your cavalry on the flanks or keep them in reserve for a devastating counter attack.

Use your various Infantry units well. Skirmishers are good at delaying and disrupting enemy attacks or guarding the flanks. Use riflemen to give accurate fire support, whereas those armed with smoothbore muskets are best suited for close range gritty fighting.

Will you push your troops forward and seize the initiative? Or will you set up a defensive line, await reinforcements and let the enemy come to you?

These and many more questions you will need to ask yourself. There are many ways to win the game.

Tap to select a unit. Tap again to move or attack!

Long press on a unit or tap a unit's description to see more information

Pinch zoom in and out of the battle to get a better view.

Long press anywhere to check line of sight.

These are the basic controls to get you started. There is also a tutorial that can be accessed at any time.

I want this game to be as good and as fun as it possibly can be so if you have any questions or ideas let me know! Email me at jollypixelgames@gmail.com

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  • Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run
  • Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run
  • Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run
  • Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run
  • Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run
Developer Jolly Pixel Last Updated December 15, 2015
Number of Downloads 100 - 500 Current Version 1.0
Content Rating Rated for 7+ OS Version 2.2 and up
File Size 14M Score 4.7
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Bill Hentig


If you liked the first one, you will definitely like this one! Favorite addition is the dead bodies left over. Morbid I know, but its my favorite. Great game! First review!!

Dryden Pierce

Nice make!

This game is pretty fine indeed. The gameplay is refined and addicting, challenging enough to hook you but easy enough to keep patience... Perfect. The reason for 4 stars is the lack of content for the price. Maybe in a future update things like custom maps could be added...

Epic D1CK

Buy it.

The first one was good. Thus I was really stoked to see them release another pixel soldier game!

Quinn Schwartz

More content

I loved this game, just needs more different types of units.

Samuel Ng

Nice game but...

Can anyone tell me the song at the intro pls :p

Jeffrey Kovach


Loved it. Actually enjoyed playing this game. Super challenging and fun. Please make another civil war one.

Norman Errington

Bull run

Loved the game .nice detail and depth with a historical backdrop but very playable

Leopold Alling-Silfverstolpe

Can you make more please and can they be for free.

Doomed Earth

Request sent and delivered.

I sent a email and as soon as I saw a real person not some bot I knew this would be great. Am only a few minutes in and am really enjoying so far.

Hannah Arnold

Very enjoyable game play

I really enjoy the pixel soldier games, both this and Waterloo. Thank you for releasing such great games :)

Ronnie Syracuse

This game is awesome!

The dead bodies on the ground are cool. Also, could you add more levels? I would definitely donate money to see that happen!