Stickman And Gun2

Stickman And Gun2 V1.0.5b [Mod]

Stickman And Gun2

Overview: 4 million downloads 'STICKMAN AND GUN' of the sequel has been released.

4 million downloads 'STICKMAN AND GUN' of the sequel has been released.
Survive from various monsters, dungeons, boss!
Challenge the higher of difficulty dungeons including zombies, variety of monsters with your grown stickman heroes.

a?»Explanation of gamea?»
Three species that is different from, it has a unique ability.
Human: The growth speed is very fast. The balance of all of the abilities is good.
Orc: The movement speed is a little slow, and low intelligence. But power and physical strength is very good.
Elf: Growth is very slow, also low strength and HP. However, dex and intelligence is very high.
If you understanding of the species and class,it can be easier gameplay.
Gunner: Use the gun. The balance of defense and attack power are perfect.
Archer: Use the bow. Archer has the ability to dodge.
Wizard: Use the staff. Magic has a lot of powerful damage. However, low defense and a lot of MP consumption are major disadvantage.

What's New:

  • Added 7 levels
  • Support CloudSave
  • Added new 2 pets, some items
  • Stickman And Gun2
  • Stickman And Gun2
  • Stickman And Gun2
  • Stickman And Gun2
Developer RAON GAMES Last Updated February 18, 2016
Number of Downloads 100,000 - 500,000 Current Version 1.0.5b
Content Rating Rated for 7+ OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size 19M Score 4.4
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Anirudh Shankar

Pretty cool game but

As the title states, it is a pretty cool game with some cool features. One disappointment is that there are are no melee characters. If the developers add it in the next update, it will be better. Perhaps they can bring a change in the game mechanics- currently damage is taken even if the character passes by mobs. And also, the archer skills are tough. Otherwise, really nice.

SynfuL Dreams

Elf needs more hp

Can't understand why elf have so little hp and mp not really that much... very little items to help mage... hp & mp recovery skills doesn't seem to work ð???

Reilly Shumard


I agree with Nathan Haberland, when you go into your equipment screen it bugs and you can't click the big, orange X button. It looks so easy to press but when you press it nothing happens. Please fix this bug and I'll rate 5/5 stars, not 2/5 RAON GAMES! I can't really play it at all, I can only do the first level and that's it (only takes about a minute or two, depending on who I choose really.) This is why I'm rating 2/5, the other 1/5 is from me liking the first game and me wanting to increase the game ratings for RAON GAMES.

Ronnel de la Torre


More upgrades please its kind a easy for me hehehe

lester Dan labastida

Awesome! Can barely wait for updates.

Do let me know if you're interested in a free helping hand. I'm a graphic designer with a little background with game design. Just wanted to see the game til the end haha lol

Nathan Haberland


I am experiencing a bug in which I cannot close out of the equipment screen.

Tran Tri Duc


I like this game, please update more

Chris Saunders

Best stick man game ever I played the first and the second one was even better


swand54388 swand54388

The new boss is easier than the boss before it.



This is the best game ever

Jake Whittaker

Love it

The game is really cool and kills time very well

Glenn Polloso

I finished the gameð???ð???

Matthew Bator

Best phone game I've played

Not a huge file, but so much fun! Controls are simple, lots of play time, and at least a few hours of game time as of right now! Only problem is it need more levels! Can't wait for them!

MoNo Bear

I love it but.....

Can you guys make an update with more pets and more armor and weapons. It feels kinda small for a game. I just wish for new items and pets. And if possible can you add a monster dictionary(idk what they call it, it has all of the monsters and bosses that you have killed).

Jonny Parker

Love it

I really don't have a clue why raon games isn't a huge brand like bungie

Mohammadh Maaniu

Nice game

I like all the upgrades and lvls and stuff. But there is a major flaw here. I was playing once and my health was at about 350 HP which is a lot. I paused the game while I was talking to someone, and then the character started making the sound that u hear when the zombies touch the character, you know, a sound like "UUHF", and when I turned back to my screen, there it was, my character losing health, THE GAME WAS STILL PAUSED !!!! WHY!! ð??±ð??±ð??£ð??£ð??¨ð??­

Jeff Phạm


Simple game, easy to find money, no p2w. Thanks deverloper

Luc Mainguy

Requests Root Access

This is really sketchy. A game has NO reason to ever request elevated permissions

Rod Michell Cancillar

Nice game!

Please update it more frequently. Thanks for making the game.!

Wreiniele Cosme

Add more active skills or a skill shop maybe hehe