City Bus Simulator 2016

City Bus Simulator 2016 v1.9 (Mod Money)

City Bus Simulator 2016

Overview: Enjoy one of the most realistic City Bus Simulator of 2016!

Enjoy one of the most realistic City Bus Simulator of 2016!
Live the dream and become a real bus driver in City Bus Simulator 2016. Start from the bottom and work your way up by completing different kind of missions because as a bus driver, you need to transport passengers from A to B. And keep them happy while doing that is also very important! These missions will keep you occupied until the break of dawn!

Will the real Bus Simulator please stand up?
Real life cities from Amsterdam to Berlin, London to Paris, Vienna to Rome and much more are available to drive to in City Bus Simulator 2016! The many different missions types include the City Bus missions, which will ask you to transport passengers as a city bus driver, so no long distances but short distances. Long range, Intercity Bus missions are also a part of City Bus Simulator 2016 and they will take a lot more time to complete, but with bigger rewards!

Use your rewards to buy realistic City Busses!
The rewards that you earn as a bus driver will not only let you buy one of the 5 detailed busses, but also let you upgrade and customize these busses to your likings. And if thata??s not enough you can hire bus drivers to drive for you in the bus empire option. They will earn money for you to increase your empire even more!

City Bus Simulator 2016 - Game Features:
- The most intense and realistic city bus driving experience on the Google Play Store
- Different kind of bus driving missions for you to play!
- Create a whole new empire with busses, employees and yourself!
- Bus driving to ita??s fullest with these realistic controls!
- Play the arcade mode or the realistic mode with fuel consumption and fines!
- For the casual bus driver who want to escape, play the Free Ride Mode for unending bus driving.

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What's New:

  • Added a new bus
  • Bugfixes
  • City Bus Simulator 2016
  • City Bus Simulator 2016
  • City Bus Simulator 2016
  • City Bus Simulator 2016
  • City Bus Simulator 2016
  • City Bus Simulator 2016
Developer VascoGames Last Updated January 28, 2016
Number of Downloads 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 Current Version 1.9
Content Rating Rated for 3+ OS Version 2.3 and up
File Size 43M Score 3.6
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Eric Brown


ITS SOOOOOOO COOL just when theres to many adds

LAita ESpinosa

It is very fun

Easy to use and you will luv it

Guru Prasad K Sundaramoorthy

Don't load even

It doesn't even get me past loading screen.

Danny Weems

City Bus Simulator 2016

It is good

Roma Begum


Wen I tern it it just crushes my bus ð??¢ð??¢ð??¢ð??¢ð??¢ð??¢ð??¢ð??©ð??©ð??©ð??©ð??©ð??©ð??©ð??© £1.99


Doesn't work

Merlinda Zabala


I dont know its fine


Poor Ovi pop most beautiful game in bus simulator

Poor game is this a editors choice suck game bad graphics and added suck bus need to improve this because iovi pop bus simulator is most beautiful beautiful game

troy Fernandez

Very bad

It is very laggy I hate it

Enrico Estacio

City Bus Simulator 2016

Loved it

Eden Herring

So buy it

I love the game

Dodo Ed

I love it very much

Gail Allen

I love it

You can go to the gas station and ever thing

Derius Lugsden

Like it/don't like it

I ime it because it's like an real bus game. And I don't like it because when I turn it don't turn and when I brake or go forwards it don't it sometimes.

Y Yildir

DIDNT LET ME TURN!!!!!ð?? ð??

DUMMIT GAME EVER!!!!! !!!*!!!!!!!!ð??¡ð??

Sushma Kulkarni

Fantastic game I loved this game

Chloe Roberts

It is lots of fun.

Nuur Haraco

I like the game

Is a good thing

Senitiki Tuberi

Loved this game !!!!!!!!

Rayne Warner

love it