Transparent clock weather Pro

Transparent clock weather Pro v0.99.11.07 [Paid]

Transparent clock weather Pro

Overview: Transparent clock & world weather is a full featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast application and widget.

Transparent clock & world weather is a full featured, completely customizable digital clock and weather forecast application and widget.

Please refer to the Help file (settings > Help) for available widget hot spots.

The application features the following:

a?¢ Many widgets in different sizes (2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3 and 5x2)
a?¢ Resize widgets to any size (5x1, 5x2, 5x3, 5x4 or bigger)
a?¢ Easy setup - simply start the application and it will automatically detect your location, load your weather forecast and use default unit settings
a?¢ Beautiful user interface using material design
a?¢ Support for wearable devices
a?¢ Many different widget skins to choose from
a?¢ Widgets can display the current time,date, basic or advanced weather information, daily or hourly forecast, battery level, Internet connection status, available storage information, next alarm, next calendar event, week number, battery level and more
a?¢ Fully customize your widget by specifying the background color, transparency, text colors, time font, shadows, weather icons and much more
a?¢ Use the 7 built-in weather icon sets or download additional icon sets for more than 30 different choices
a?¢ Use the widget hot spots to perform common tasks quickly (launch calendar application, alarms, battery info, Wifi settings, application settings, refresh the weather and more)
a?¢ Change widget hotspots to launch any application you like
a?¢ Automatic location detection (using the cell, wifi or GPS signal) or manual
a?¢ Support of different weather providers that gives you more accurate weather forecast for your location
a?¢ Automatic weather update interval (15 min, 30 min, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 hours) or manual
a?¢ Hour change notification option with possibility to specify start and end time and hour change notification sound
a?¢ Detailed current weather forecast that includes local time, sunrise and sunset, humidity, pressure, chance of rain, dew point, visibility, UV index, wind direction, wind speed, current condition, current temperature, high and low temperatures for the day
a?¢ Weather radar for precipitation, rain, snow, clouds, pressure and temperature
a?¢ Expandable temperature notifications with 4 day forecast
a?¢ Beautiful weather backgrounds according to the current weather condition and day or night
a?¢ Hourly weather forecast for the next 2 or 3 days
a?¢ Hourly wind forecast (with Beaufort scale index) for the next 2 or 3 days
a?¢ 7 day future forecast showing (also showing sunrise and sunset times)
a?¢ Moon information and 30 day moon phase calendar
a?¢ Current location information (address and interactive map)
a?¢ Share your location or weather forecast
a?¢ Support of up to 10 different locations
a?¢ Localized in more than 40 languages


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Email us if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. We are happy to help!

What's New:


  • [new] Added options to change sunrise and sunset colors
  • [chg] Check for weather alerts in the next 12 hours
  • [fix] Bug fixes
  • Transparent clock weather Pro
  • Transparent clock weather Pro
  • Transparent clock weather Pro
  • Transparent clock weather Pro
  • Transparent clock weather Pro
  • Transparent clock weather Pro
Developer MACHAPP Software Ltd Last Updated June 15, 2017
Number of Downloads 50,000 - 100,000 Current Version
Content Rating Everyone OS Version 3.0 and up
File Size None Score 4.6
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Cody Branchaw


Tons of options for customization that I've been longing for in other widgets. Integrates with all my info seamlessly such as alarms and calendar events and looks great. Love it.

G.I. Smith

Best weather app

Only flaw is fonts are too small. Love how customizable the app is and no ads with the paid version. Fix font size and I'd give it a five.

Dave Heyman

All good

Only con: foreca temp in app is always wrong. Foreca website has the right temp, weird. Upside: app can change to different provider!

John Price

Great app

Lots of useful options.

David Jay

Great weather app & widget

Very smooth with a great useful UI. Needs a few more size options for widgets to suit tablets & would love to see a built-in weather live wallpaper. Options to save users settings to the cloud / Google servers so that it can be more easily ported to other devices.

William Cheng

Well done!

Attractive layout of app and widget, many options, a number of different weather icons available. I primarily liked it because it's one of the only weather apps that has a 5 day forecast widget that's 4x1 or 5x1 in size--it's surprising how few weather apps have this! My only minor complaint is that the scrolling is a little choppy. Anyway, used the free version for a while, and decided to get the full version to support the dev. Good job!

Kevin Marion

The best of the best

Just one problem I thought there was a way to drop the zero from 1:01am instead of 01:01 am I'm not using 24 hour format and I swore when my military career was over so was military time. Please help me correct this problem. Everytime I look at the clock I think of the US army. Thanks love the app except the 24 hour set up.

Debbie McLean Warner

Paid for premium

But still have ads after reboot, why? I finally figured it out. I had to uninstall the free version, the premium didn't just replace the free one. Loving this app. Thank you.

Mirza Brkovic

Easily the best!

Bought a pro version some days ago. This is brilliant, no other words to describe it. If you are looking for a quality clock/weather widget app, you just found it. Keep up the great work developer ð??

Nick Hicks

Great app

Been using it for a while. Figure developer deserves my money. Just keep adding features!

MindlessCorpse Corpse

Clean and decent layout

Plenty of information, variety of optional settings and all without being cluttered

Ossama Muhammad

Good app

Option to use built in barometer of the phone

Bob Shumaker

Very nice application, updates well and displays all data in a concise format. Will recommend and show displays to all my clients.

Duncan Needham

The best

After using the free version for a yr now, finally bought the pro version. No other weather app is as good as this one..

Riaan Taylor

Nexus 5x

The best, thanks. Just one thing, i would like the location to update, when the weather updates. A time based location update, and not a distance based one.

abdulkareem ibn neville


And I was a Weather Timeline user! Both are excellent apps but the widgets on this app are superior. Excellent customer support too :)

Michael Gierza

I bought this app loved it

I love this app. I think using free version has all I need so giving some bucks for a great development.

Alan Jeffries

Weather is updates

No longer updates

Sean L

It's really quite good

Almost the whole thing is customizable. It's a well thought out app, very functional. Also esthetically nice to look at. If I had one request ... it would be cool if there was an option for animated weather icons, or clouds moving across the moon. I was happy to have a pay ver. to get rid of ads.

Krzysztof M. Sikora

Love it almost

Have this premium app. for years but advertising still pop in on the bottom!