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News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free

Overview: We here at News Republic are going a bit crazy over this year’s famous basketball event. Don’t miss out on the Big Dance and make sure you stay up-to-date with all the action with our complete March Madness NCAA Tournament coverage.

News Republic has complete, up-to-the-minute daily breaking news and headlines from over 2,500 fully licensed & trusted national and international sources. Easily personalized to give you the headlines that interest you from the worlda??s most popular publishers, including CNN, Huffington Post, Fox News, and Quartz. We have the latest on US politics and election results from around the world as well as local news and weather, and we personalize it all for you in just one customized feed.

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Get the very latest on US politics as well as political headlines and election results from around the world.

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We give you over 1 million national and global personalised topics in a lightning-fast, material design interface. Receive the very latest updates on global finance, business, sports, entertainment, politics, technology, health and travel and stay up-to-date with all the top buzz and latest celebrity gossip - get all that and more in one personalized feed.

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ð??Trending: Cana??t get enough of Trump and want the latest on US politics and important election updates from around the world? Keep on top buzz of the most popular trending articles and topics of the moment. Find the hottest and most-shared viral news that interests you by following your favorite topics and publishers like CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN, Associated Press and Quartz and learn what is hot as it happens.
ð??In-depth: Have a special interest in US politics and want the latest on Trump or want top local news and weather alerts for your city? Learn more by exploring related topics via our innovative navigation system to get all the articles and topics that interest you.
ð??News Digest: Get all the daya??s top political headlines, election updates and trending stories that you care about in one simple daily digest. We give you articles from the best national and international sources like CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN, BBC and Quartz and is built around your interests.
ð??Featured Channels: Get the top US politics, business, finance, health, sports and local headlines all in one place. Follow CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, Huffington Post, Salon, Politico, Townhall, Breitbart, Time, USA Today, The Atlantic, BBC, The Economist and more for the very latest updates and in-depth analysis on the Trump administration.
ð??Smart: Get this local news app for free and it will learn as you read - our technology quickly personalizes your experience automatically.
ð??Customization: Want even more customization? Choose from over 1 million topics for a custom home screen and help create a highly personalized experience based on your interests.
ð??Videos: We give you lightning-fast and in-app viral headlines including all the latest, most-shared and popular content of the day in one simple and easy-to-use material design interface.
ð??Social: Want to share your interests with friends? Create your own free personal profile and use it across multiple devices to share what you like on all your favorite social networks.

Join us! Get the worlda??s top politics and local news app for free now and join our exclusive Users Community to get early access to new features and updates. Give us your feedback and we promise to listen. Unlike other local news apps for free on Google Play, we value your opinion!

Get the worlda??s best news app for free and make News Republic your number one source of information!

What's New:

Dear users, We are recoding the app to make it better for future versions. It is still possible that you experience issues with this version, but everything will return back to normal soon! We worked on the night mode, widget, topics, account, saved articles, recommendation engine and design. The comments are new and you can now comment without Facebook! If you experience any issue, please give us a feedback: Thanks for your support and patience!

  • News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free
  • News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free
  • News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free
  • News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free
  • News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free
  • News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free
Developer News Republic Last Updated July 17, 2017
Number of Downloads 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 Current Version Varies with device
Content Rating Teen OS Version Varies with device
File Size Varies with device Score 4.3
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Zack Gonzalez

Not big on change.

I preferred the older news feed, it did what I wanted and I knew it's interface better. This one keeps doing things I don't like or care for. Can't say it is a bad app, but it keeps prompting me to rate it so I'll rate it if it's gonna spam me about it. 2 star rating from me Edit: actually I just found out how to full personalize my news feed to show me what I want and don't want, so yeah, basically it's like my old news feed with more options. 4 star rating now

Anil Velhankar

Need feature to avoid certain news, like I am not interested in Cricket, I don't want news related to cricket to clutter ny reading space.


Widgets don't work as well as they should.

Edit/Update: Widgets as of today no longer work at all on Marshmallow, Flipboard here I come. >>>Previous comment: The rotating widgets randomly stop scrolling their full cycle properly more often than not and thats on a fresh installation of the very latest version of lollipop. They've been doing this since Kitkat for sure, possibly even longer and it seems like current developers are incapable of fixing this issue.

Erik Ka

Like the app! Hate you obliging us to give away more personal information! If I can delete this app now, I will do it gladly! Though a pity because very good set up.

Lrri Nrflet

Good Beans boys

Great text and story keep the sto. ry coming with more taboo not so heard of topics. Game changer with all ether pow ,Boom, ping , tang to the buds like acid panty pink. Dawm! Don't like desired media bands with no hmm no elasticity thrive in a direction of syntc topics that can't get tatted tattered because of death tones desperation .

Kim Roberts

News all in one place

I hate having to chase down my news. It's all here, even my rss feeds. No trudging through email or blogs. Easy to save or share articles.

Casey Thompson

Too many changes

Used to live with this app. Unfortunately now the social media crap, source links and giant ads make this app SO ANNOYING. Easily wastes half the screen which could be used to read NEWS. Shame on you guys, selling out like the rest of them.

Clinton Jenkins

No more social crap

It had more stars before they tried to force it into yet another social networking app. Please don't ruin a good app by ramming more social crap into it. The new social tools are more than just a distraction. They have reduced the usable space on the screen by a third. Before I could see three headlines at a time while scrolling, but now only two fit on the screen. Updated: I don't want to make a profile at all, private or otherwise.

rachael haensly

Favorite news app

News Republic is one of my favorite news apps, and I've tried quite a few. I would really appreciate a way to weed out redundant stories and a way to search keywords from the stories or title, not just the tagged word option. I'd also love more ways to sort and filter the stories.

Robert Unsworth

Great update - big difference

Always a big fan of this app but this is a great update. Took me a while to discover the community aspect and now I have I don't know how I managed without it! I loved the ability to follow my favorite topics but often found the popular ones like Twitter overpopulated with non-relevant articles. With this version I see the main stories flagged by Experts and I can go straight to what matters. Superb app, keep up the good work!

Alex Tiger

Great Design content and ease of use

Could have better in depth and linking to more in depth topics once opened. Specifically linking in feeds relevant to preferred topics from sites rss or editors. However UI with graphics and globe topic picker is exceptional. Definitely a daily opened app for ease and immediacy of basic topics.

C Rusnak

Good Application with Creepy Ads

News Republic is one of the best news apps I've used. The stories come from a wide variety of sources giving me lots of coverage to remove spin from biased reporting. However, the customized "advertising experience" is personally intolerable. I leave items in my Amazon cart, reminding myself to think about purchases. News Republic sources those cart contents and pushes that information to its add frames. My purchases, hypothetical or actual, from an account like Amazon, should be off limits. Beware!

Soleil Neon

More regions in edition

Why is there only China(Chinese) available in the edition list? There are a lot of Chinese news client. If I want to read any news about China, I may choose the other ones. I want to read news worldwide in order to install this one. Rubbish. If there's no other region to choose, I will uninstall it.

Connor Pratt

I just wanted some news, this isn't Facebook

With this last update adding a bunch of 'social integration' I feel takes away from the news aspect of News Republic. If I wanted to follow people and read news at the same time, I would use Facebook


Great app

This is the best news app I have found since Citra went belly up. I like picking topics that are to my interest. It also does a very good job at keeping you informed on breaking news.

Reilly Fastring

Really htc?

I hate how HTC made us switch to this app, esspecially now that I can't see news without making a public account. Really?? I didn't want this freaking app in the first place, why would I want a public account????

Jason Holmes

Great news app

Great way to keep up to date on breaking news on any topic.

Tarang Agarwal

Great news app

Customisable and very nice app. Constant notifications are the best part. Great work


Hate new social aspect and complex look

We should be able to remove social view! I want news, no social app. Also, the new look is too complex, we see much less articles in a screen than before and too many icons (irrelevant to news). Very sad ð???

Donell Wickett


Every 3rd article is an ad. Every 4th article is a pop-up to give a rating. I want the stock reader that this crap replaced on my HTC One.